Chelsea Littman



Jewelry Designer: Chelsea Littman

Location: Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.

Experience:  7 Years

Materials: Hot Glass, manipulating this molten material in variety of ways to create different forms. 

Influences: Angus Powers, David Schnuckel, Johanna Manousis, Steve Hagen, Drew Cobb, Zach Gorrel, Jordan Fine: each incredible and inspiring glass artists.

Connect: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Website

I am most interested in physical attraction. The way molecules bond, the gravitational pull of the universe keeping it together, the chemical reactions; all of which are beautifully expressed in the medium of glass. Working with hot glass is like a relationship. It takes time, effort, dedication, love, and passion; but most of all patience. Taking the time to heat her up and gently coax her to move in the way you want her to, all while keeping her happy with all of your attention. More often than not I find myself trying to express my love of glass in glass and frequently use imagery of affectionate couples to do so. The way I feel shaping molten glass is so much like the butterflies in the stomach feeling of falling in love. And I am equally fascinated by the chemical attraction between two people. I have always been a bit of a hopeless romantic, daydreaming of the day I would be swept off my feet by the most ideal man who would love me like I love glass. The more I work with the glass the more I learn that this is really the love I should have for myself, and feel it growing along with the skills and knowledge I acquire along the way. I want to make such beautiful glass it acts as an aphrodisiac. I want it to draw the audience in enticing them to take a closer look only to be startled by the realization of what they are looking at. I love making objects that fit the hand, that makes people want to touch them, hold them, take them home with them. I want to address that need for companionship, express this desire in myself, that is part of the human condition. 

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