Dawn Tekler



Artist: Dawn Tekler

Location: Cleveland Ohio via South Bend Indiana

Experience: 4 Years

Materials: Encaustic Wax and Some Photo Collage.

Influences: WM Turner, Monet, Margret Bourke-White, Imogen Cunningham, Kandinsky, Franz Marc, David Smith and Antoni Gaudi are just a few. 

Connect: Website, Facebook, Instagram

My encaustic work started as an experimental departure from my photography, as I began to find photographing a literal scene unsatisfactory. Wanting more, I began investigating the deconstruction of the photograph.

Trained in the darkroom, physical interaction with a medium is essential to my creative process. I was thus drawn to the idea of overlaying my photographs with encaustic wax. The wax freezes the scene so the viewer can return repeatedly to find new detail and meaning. This approach is carried over from my voyeuristic approach to photography.

Steel mills are an inspiration for my work. I draw from them a sense of history, power and energy. The mills' stained and compressed terrain from trucks and trains, rusted fences, power lines and towers that create dizzying patterns when traced with the eye. Juxtaposing concepts of harsh industry against the ethereal atmosphere, my ultimate goal is to preserve my vision of the scarred earth from decades of punishment.

Recently my work has evolved even further. I've created a new body of work that does not incorporate any photographs whatsoever, allowing me to push the limits of the medium by stripping down to what is minimally necessary to convey my vision. I am free to explore color and texture without restraint. I’m excited for this new direction in my work, and look forward to continuing my creative exploration of the deconstruction process.