Jen Surine

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Jewelry Designer: Jen Surine

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Experience: 18+ Years

Materials: Argentium Silver and Gold.

Influences: Architecture and architectural elements, but especially anything with very strong linear design or filigree details.

Connect: Facebook, Instagram

Making original, statement jewelry that empowers the wearer with confidence is Jen Surine’s continual pursuit as a maker.
Surine’s line of jewelry is primarily comprised of argentium silver, a silver alloy containing less copper. The finished piece has a bright white finish that resists tarnishing better than traditional sterling.
Every piece is thoughtfully hand fabricated start to finish using traditional and non-traditional metal-smithing methods like soldering, welding and fusing. The majority of her work is built out of wire, creating architectural and geometric “Openwork” forms resembling a three dimensional lace. These intricate and elaborate connections are a theme running through her work. Surine also incorporates her love of stones by integrating faceted gems and cabochons into her pieces. All of these details come together to create jewelry with an overall ethereal quality.
Surine resides in Kalamazoo, Michigan with her husband and son. She received her BFA from Grand Valley State University in 2008.

Stop by The W Gallery to view some of Jen’s incredible openwork pieces.