Marcello Mellino 



Photographer: Marcello Mellino

Location: Lakewood, Ohio USA

Experience: 30+ years

Materials: Photography

Marcello has been interested in photography for many years, launched “ Original Photography by Marcello Mellino” to fulfill his desire to better develop his creative visions. He is a student of photography in the sense that he has  a great interest in its history and its masters, which he believes should be well appreciated in order to achieve a clearer understanding of personal goals and artistic growth. Marcello's  photographic interests span from nature and landscape to “old world imagery” often related to his Italian background, but also to the American urban landscape as it relates to its original European roots. He is irresistibly attracted by water in all places, and his work is often centered on seascapes, either in Florida or in Ohio, with its beautiful lake and rivers. His professional training has been in medicine for over 40 years, and he still practices Cardiology in the Cleveland area. He have been involved in several photographic and artistic organizations locally, which allows him to further enhance his learning, and has been invited to many group and personal exhibits. Marcello has been  a photographic contributor to  “ La Gazzetta Italiana “, a monthly newspaper published in Cleveland with a distribution to several nearby states.