Margeaux Wymer 



Gallery Owner & Jewelry Designer: Margeaux Wymer

Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA

Experience: 4+ Years

Materials:  Silver, gold, copper, nickel

Influences: Florentine hand engraving, Mokume-Gane, Keum-boo, classic-modern fusion

A lifelong Clevelander who grew up loving art, Margeaux Wymer was earning a psychology degree at Baldwin Wallace University when she took her first jewelry making class and found her calling. That led to an internship at Flux Metal Arts studio, where she studied Florentine hand engraving, which led to personal lessons and two trips to Italy to study traditional engraving techniques. 

With nothing powering her engraver besides her own hands, Margeaux makes fine jewelry by fusing primitive, classic engraving methods with her modern style. Starting with a sheet of fine metal, Margeaux works in her studio located in The W Gallery’s retail space where customers can watch her saw, solder, engrave and create pieces with a uniquely personal touch. 

Margeaux continues to expand her artistic arsenal by studying classic methods and techniques, from Florentine hand engraving to Keum-boo. Margeaux is committed to bringing beauty into people’s lives — both through her handmade jewelry and through other art featured in her gallery created by many different skilled artists from around the world.


Stop by The W Gallery to view some of Margeaux's incredible work or check out her items in our online store.