Monica Coscioni



Jewelry Designer: Monica Coscioni (Spazio Manassei Gioielli)

Location: Orvieto, Italy

Experience: 27 Years

Materials: Silver, Gold, Ebony, Bone, Stones, Coral, Textiles

Influences: The miracle of life; landscape, plants, animals and the difference body anatomies are my muses. Wildlife, music and silence, body movement, photography and architecture give to me all that I need to find a divine connection with the creative dimension .

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Artist Statement:

"My name is Monica. I am living and working in Orvieto, in Umbria (Italy), where I was born. I am urged by the Beauty of the places that surround me towards Art and creativity, by the Classic Studies towards the origin and plasticity of form. Although I have been creating jewels for over twenty three years, I have always kept alive the child living in me: I enjoy playing, inventing, creating, astonishing! I have been working in a prestigious goldsmith and sculptor workshop for six years now in Tuscany, however, the firsthand experience in my own atelier has been the actual training until today. From my very nature the challenge to handcraft art: to invent a revolutionary collection able to bring into life a precious object, beautiful, refined, special, unique, dreamlike and a narrative, detached by its material value. When I visited one of the most important palaces in Orvieto, Palazzo Manassei, I had a vision like experience of my home studio. Now, it is a forge of creation and magic. There I surrender myself to the frenzy of creation experimenting, shaping, melting and forging metals. I get dirty, I break my nails but I do not mind. The only thing I long is the moment the precious object will be finished. I do not fear the path. From my dreams: the desire to realize that jewels are able to communicate the incommunicable, as a hymn to life, a wish for evergreen fullness, as a powerful talisman of love, hope and joy."

Stop by The W Gallery to view some of Monica's incredible work on Spazio Manassei Gioielli jewelry.