Wendy Jo



Jewelry Designer: Wendy Jo

Location: Winchester, Massachusetts U.S.A.

Experience: 15+ Years

Materials: Gold, Paladium, Silver, Gemstones, Unique Lapidary, Resin Inlay


Wendy Jo New produces fine contemporary jewelry and other metal designs primarily in the precious metals of silver, argentium, gold, and/or palladium. These are often further defined with the addition of try door logos, addresses, and the like. Designing and fabricating engagement and wedding bands and other jewelry, often with people’s stones, is particularly meaningful to Wendy. Growing up, she was always mesmerized by sparkling gemstones and metals and often incorporates something illuminating into her designs. Whether or not she intricately plans a jewelry piece in advance of producing it or just spontaneously fabricate one a she goes along, the result is inevitably something that is unique with a contemporary flair that complements, rather than overwhelms, a wearer. When designing jewelry or other metal work, she always think about whether she would wear it, use it, and/or display it. Anyone who knows Wendy sees a reflection of her in what she designs.

In addition to showing and selling her work in galleries, doing commission work, juried shows, and market sales, Wendy complements her fabrication work with a great deal of teaching. She is on the faculty of Metalwerx, a jewelry-making school in the Boston area, where she teaches one-day specialty workshops, semester-long courses, and weekend workshops. She also provides a great deal of student-specific private instruction and select workshops at other art schools. Having been a teacher, educational therapist, and educational policy specialist and consultant for most of her formal career life, she is not surprised that the educational focus has become prominent in her second career as a goldsmith.

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