Jewelry Design

Finding Your Inspiration for Custom Jewelry Design

When customers inquire about having a piece of custom jewelry made, there are some interesting ways that they find the inspiration for the piece. Some customers have a special place or thing that they take a picture of and want the jewelry designed to resemble that or be inspired by. Others have a piece of heirloom jewelry that they want deconstructed and made into something new and more modern with pieces of the old jewelry. There are several different ways to get the inspiration for a piece of jewelry, and no matter what that is, it is always exciting for me to get to work on something "inspired". 

An example of one custom order that came in recently was for a pair of cufflinks. A customer came in wanting a pair of cufflinks to celebrate a 25th anniversary. When I told him that I could make him a custom pair, he got extremely excited and couldn’t wait to figure out the design he wanted engraved on them. The next day, he came in with his idea; he said that the Garfield Building on West 6th St. and Euclid Ave. had a lot of significance to his relationship and would like to tie that into the design along with blue CZ stones that are for the month of December. We started scouring the internet for pictures of the building and found a great picture of patterned stonework on the outside of the building that he fell in love with. Once we had the idea, I started working on the cufflinks and engraving a stylized version of the stone work onto them.

Garfield Building inspiration

Another custom order had to do with deconstructing a piece of jewelry. This time a more personal order... for my father. My grandmother had deconstructed my grandfather’s ring by taking out the three diamonds that were set in it. For my father’s birthday I decided to take two of the diamonds and make them into cufflinks for him.

Custom Heirloom Cufflinks for Dad

I set my grandfather’s diamonds in 18kt gold tubing which were soldered into sterling domed discs. It brought tears to his eyes to know that his daughter made him a nice pair of cufflinks for him out of his father’s diamonds.

Inspiration for a custom piece of jewelry can come from anything that is special to you, and can be worked into a design that no one else will ever be able to buy in a store. I love working with customers and seeing their smile when they see their new... no question about it... one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

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